# Project Financing Example Innosuisse

The budget of Innosuisse projects are shared 50/50 between Innosuisse and the industrial partners.

Innosuisse Budget 1


This means that the total budget of an Innosuisse project depends not only on the funding commitment of Innosuisse, but also on how much personnel and cash the industrial partner(s) bring in. What this means exactly will be explained by a simple example in the next chapter.

# Project Example

Innosuisse Budget 1

# Research Partner

Type Salary Costs [CHF/h] Hours Costs Total
Professor CHF 135 500 h CHF 67'500
Senior Researcher CHF 113 1400 h CHF 158'200
Researcher CHF 65 3450 h CHF 220'800
CHF 446'500
Material Costs CHF 50'000
CHF 50'000
Total Research Partner 5350 h CHF 496'500

# Industrial Partner

Type Salary Costs [CHF/h] Hours Costs Total
Project Leader CHF 135 500 h CHF 67'500
Senior Researcher CHF 113 3250 h CHF 367'250
CHF 434'750
Material Costs CHF 20'000
Cash Contribution CHF 50'000
CHF 70'000
Total Industrial Partner 3750 h CHF 504'750

# Application Documents

Innosuisse Documents

For Innosuisse to be able to make the desired contribution, it must be shown that sufficient profit (EBIT) will be generated within a reasonable period of time and that jobs will be created in Switzerland. Alternatively, or in addition, it can be shown that energy or environmental benefits can be achieved. In the above example, Innosuisse should lead a contribution of ~500'000 CHF. For such a contribution to be justified, the project should generate a profit of at least CHF 1,000,000 in the first -.4 years after market entry. After 5 years a profit of at least 2'000'000CHF would be desirable.


The project needs to be of innovative nature

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