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# Abstract

One of the main businesses at Constellium Sierre is the extrusion of aluminium profiles. This process consists of pressing heated aluminium through a mold to obtain a long bar with a specific sectional shape. Although extremely versatile in terms of achievable profile shape, this technique still has some limitations, notably physical constraints from the press. Indeed, extrusion induces more or less pressure inside the press which depend, but not only, on the required profile shape, the aluminium temperature and the extrusion speed. The problem is there is no simple formula to compute that, so instead, the pressure and extrusion parameters are estimated based on historical production, by searching manually in the database the profiles most similar to the new one. Thus, this project goal is to help the press operators by offering them an AI based tool capable of first: recognizing the shape of a given profile image and suggesting all look-alike past-produced profiles, and second: predicting the required pressure given the profile shape and process parameters.

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