Either by using the web-app or the local application, you must connect using your AAI login.


Launch it and connect with your AAI login. You only have to logon one time and then keep an open session until the end of times.


Shortcut to run the program#

As the figure shows, 8 times a * is the SPL standard ;)


Login page web-app#


Login page local app#

You’ll land on a cockpit page which is as useless as any other tab, except the Objets one.


There is no big difference between both interfaces, only minor graphical ones. So to keep it short and clear, only screenshots from the web-app are shown from now.


Here we go#

There the whole inventory is available just for your eyes. You can create a new object by clicking the big plus.


For once, the big plus is not the Swiss flag#

Then you’ll just have to fill as many information as you have. Please note the few following recommendations.

What goes in inventory and why ?#

The inventory has the objective of covering the school value in the case of a big event (think of fire or worse). Therefore it was decided that any item less than 1’000CHF is not valuable enough (sadly no, the Coffee machine won’t be replaced that easily, so you’ll have to take care of it)

Instead of copy-pasting, you’ll find all the explanations in the related document.

Quickly, to figure in inventory the object:

  • Must be equal or more than 1000CHF

  • Must have the supplier invoice number (used as key to link the databases)

  • Must have the relevant documents (invoice, delivery note, accounting directive, …)

But by Pascal’s wise word, even if we don’t have all those information we still may enter the object.