The team use a Notion workspace to handle many processes.

6 pages are used:

  1. Kanban

  2. Holiday Planning

  3. To-Do External

  4. Meeting Notes

  5. Retrospective

  6. Projects


The workspace is hosted by Silvan Zahno (ZaS) account, any accessibility/support issue must go through him. Else, Loïc Fracheboud (FrL) could help you with the content or usage.


This page host the Kanban board, for more information give a look at the Scrum documentation.

Holiday Planning#

An improved way of handling holidays and other leaves, with timeline views, classic calendar or board view.

This is were people plan and create requests for their holidays.

To-Do External#

This board is used to keep track of request made to resources outside the SPL.

Meeting Notes#

This board is used to handle and store the meeting minutes and other meeting notes. They are grouped by project and reminder or any other useful feature is available or could be added.



Deprecated! Kept only for the history.

There retrospective outputs are stored.


This board is a minimalist project status tracker.