How do we Innovate at SPL?#

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Quick explanation#

In order to advance as a team and to be able to exchange on our problems we use the SCRUM methodology. This translates into 10min standup classes before going to lunch and a monthly SPRINT to make review and take decisions in an Agile way.


The SPL team exists thanks to these projects which are financed by the Innosuisse check.

To be innovative, a project must meet two essential points
  • Firstly, it must be technically innovative. The project must be non-existent or not developed in the scientific literature. This concerns the R&D part, it can be technological, scientific or social.

  • Secondly, this solution must be integrated into the company’s business model. We talk about value creation and sustainability, in Switzerland. For this, the most important thing is that the project responds to a REAL PROBLEM of the company and must solve it partially or completely. This criterion reflects the reality of the market and the usefulness of the project. It is decisive to differentiate an R&D project or an Innovative project.

Innosuisse criteria

Our methodology#

Now that we know these criteria, how do we achieve them? First of all, once an industrial partner or a company is found, we have to go on site to observe and find the problems the company is facing. What are the points to rethink and improve especially in a context of industry 4.0? For this, some documents to fill in are proposed in the Field research - Find Problems page.

Once you have identified a few problems, it is time to gather the employees to a workshop to map the problems facing the company. Once this is done, it will be possible to find ideas and set up new projects. These steps are detailed in Workshop - Find Ideas

Finally, to meet the criteria of the Innosuisse check, it is important to have a clear businessmodel in line with the innovation. Find the best Business Model