To manage inventory, a manager access to CareOffice is needed and, optionally, CareOffice itself.


The login must be requested to the infrastructure responsible, Yvan Von Rotz.


The request must specify a Manager access.


If you don’t want to use a web interface, here are the instruction.

Else, just go to the web-app (or the dev portal if you just want to test stuff).

HEI pc with SInf image#

CareOffice installer is available as a ZenWork feature, located in /Applications/Software of your PC as shown in the below figure.


Installer location#

Double click and that’s it.


It uses resources from SAP and related stuff. To perform a private-PC installation, nothing is documented yet so feel free to try if motivated ;)

Private pc or standard Windows image#

Unknown for the moment.


Silvan has tested and it doesn’t work.