The orders are managed by Pascal Sartoretti.

Weekly orders#

Standard orders are made each friday on the following websites :

It is also possible to order on other websites, mostly those not requiring a credit card and where an account already exists.
Please ask Pascal first.


Go to the following link (requires to log-in with your hes-so e-mail).
Fill the form such as shown in its header :
  • Under Laboratoire no., fill your room number.

  • Under Institut : ISI corresponds to Institut Systèmes Industriels and IEE to Institut Energie et Environnement.

  • Do not fill the Investissement part


Nothing special is needed except the SageX number to process the order.
For pricey items, you (or the project manager) may be contacted for confirmation.

Special orders#

If you need to order things rapidly, you may use the following Excel file.
Please be precise on the reference and designation, while giving the correct ID number.
Also ensure that the part can be ordered (deliverable in Switzerland, in stock …).
Contact Pascal directly.


Remember to add elements over 1’000 CHF to the Inventory.