OBS (Live Presentations)#


OBS, the Open Broadcaster Software, is an open-source, multi-platforms project to capture and display different audio and video sources.
While having a presentation, it can be used to prepare multiple scenes and easily switch between them to show what is needed to visitors.

Sample project#

Sample scenes can be found under the SPL gitlab.
Feel free to add your templates and interesting scenes such that anyone can quickly prepare theirs own.

Basic tutorial#


Current HES-SO PC GPUs are not able to capture live video sources (any window, live video …). No workaround exist except using a personal PC.

First install and open OBS Studio.
Clone the gitlab project.
On OBS, under Profile (1), select Import and point to the OBS_Profile folder. Return to Profile and ensure OBS_Profile is selected.
Under Scenes collection (2), select Import and point to the desired .json files at the root of the project. Return to Scenes collection and select the desired scene.
The various scenes are shown at the bottom left (3) of the program, and the objects composing the selected scene (4) right next to them.
One can switch between the scenes simply by clicking on them. A small animation (selectable under Scene transition (5) at the bottom right) is played.
Finally, clicking Studio Mode (6) at the bottom right will allow one to preview the next scene before transitioning. Select the next scene (showing on the left of the screen) and, when ready, click the Transition (7) button at the center of the screen to switch between the two.
OBS studio - main window

OBS Studio program#

Custom scenes#

You can easily click on the elements on the scene to move and resize them.
To add a scene or elements, simply click on the + sign on the corresponding panel.
For elements, you can choose between Audio, Screen, Game, Window, Slideshow, Picture, Web browser, Video device (i.e. Webcam), Scenes, Colors, Media, VLC Media or Text.
You can then apply Filters on any element by right-clicking it -> Filters -> + and choose between various colorization, masks, small effects …

Export scenes#

When a composition of scenes suits you, go to Scenes collection -> Rename, give it a custom name, then Scenes collection -> Export and simply point to the root of the OBS gitlab project.

OBS Live