HEVS Hades cluster#

The HEVS provides a computing cluster called Hades allowing the creation and use of virtual machines. For more information please read the official documentation.

A virtual machine for the SPL lab has been already created on the cluster:

  • Name: SPL-graphics

  • OS: ubuntu 18.04 1.0+graphics

  • IP address:

  • Flavor: shared-cpu-12-ram-8G-disk-40G

After installing the necessary tool and having your access granted by the staff, you can connect to this virtual machine via:

  • a terminal: hadesssh://

  • the graphical interface: hadesvnc://

To transfer files between the VM and your local machine you can simply copy this in a browser: hadesscp://

To see and manage virtual machines: http://hades.hevs.ch/

VM Hades