CoppeliaSim, formerly known as V-REP, is a robot simulator used in industry, education and research. It was originally developed within Toshiba R&D and is currently being actively developed and maintained by Coppelia Robotics AG, a small company located in Zurich, Switzerland. [Wikipedia]



Download the software from the official website.

For Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) use the following commands:

tar vxf CoppeliaSim_Edu_V4_3_0_Ubuntu20_04.tar.xz

Then move it to the /opt folder (its your choice thought):

sudo mv CoppeliaSim_Edu_V4_3_0_Ubuntu20_04/ /opt/coppeliasim

Then, to start the program simple run:

cd /opt/coppeliasim

Figure it out yourself.

Figure it out yourself.

ROS2 Integration#

CoppeliaSim comes with a plugin that is acting like an interface to communicate with ROS. This later is located in the installation folder with the name You can equally compile this plugin from source if it is necessary. Follow the instructions from here.

When the program starts, have a look in the terminal to verify that the plugin has been correctly loaded:

[CoppeliaSim:loadinfo]   plugin 'ROS2': loading...
[CoppeliaSim:loadinfo]   plugin 'ROS2': load succeeded.

You should have a ROS node started that looks like this:

$ ros2 node list

There is a ROS2 tutorial in the official documentation that is worth following to learn more.